Hiphop Architecture, DHC

“Hip-hop Architecture is a design movement that embodies the collective creative energies native to young denizens of urban neighborhoods. Its designers produce spaces, buildings, and environments that translate hip-hop’s energy and spirit  into built form.”

Hip-hop has its roots in Africa, but its identity has been lost. Dandora in Nairobi is the birthplace of Kenyan hip-hop and here it is a vibrant movement that talented young people participate in using conscious rap and political hiphop as tools for promoting change and transformation in the community.

Dandora HipHop City (DHC) owns and operates an old building placed between the Dandora dumpsite and Nairobi River. The building is an important platform and a safe space for many youths to practice and gain skills. It is in big need of transformation. Despite the building’s importance as a daily venue for a large number of youths, there exists a certain Hip-hop scepticism within the community. Using the identity of DHC, Hip-hop Architecture has become a participatory tool for transforming Dandora HipHop City into a vibrant and welcoming space for young people. Hip-hop Architecture has facilitated the transformation of community perception giving Dandora back its identity as the Kenyan birthplace of Hip-hop.


Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya


2019 – Ongoing


Building and surroundings transformation through Hip-hop Architecture!


Building transformation, placemaking, DIY

Technology & Materials


Waste materials from the dump


Pia Jonsson


Dandora HipHop City (DHC)



ASF Sweden