Committees assist the board with operational activities. The board delegates tasks to committees which consist of at least one representative from the board and other active members.

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Communications Committee

The Communications committee’s mission is to increase awareness about ASF Sweden’s vision and goals. Communication consists of information to members, non-members, partners and sponsors, mainly through newsletters and marketing of events. The committee also produces graphic guidelines and material to assist the projects, the board and local chapters.

Contact person: Emma Engleson

Project Committee

The Project committee supports ongoing projects and assists the start-up of new projects. The committee has developed policies and guidelines that are in line with ASF´s common platform, the Hasselt Charter. The committee also follows up on-going and completed projects to assure their quality.

Contact person: Katarina Tobé

Sponsor and Financing Committee

The Sponser and Financing committee helps create a financial base for the organisation through various forms of fundraising. The most important sources being annual fees, donations, sponsoring from companies and contributions from foundations and institutes.

Contact person: Robert Ågren

Education Committee

The Education committee assists educational activities to raise awareness and collaboration with architecture, planning and design schools in Sweden. The committee is also a platform for ASF members, students and professionals.

Contact person: Ena Sredanovic

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