Creativity cloud

One problem in slums is that there’s a lack of spaces designed for kids; they are not prioritized. That’s why we wanted to give them a space where they can freely and safely be what they are: kids. 

So what do kids need in Kisumu? Since it’s always around 30 degrees, they need some shelter from the sun. The classrooms are extremely hot during daytime since there’s no ventilation, the roof is made of metal sheets, and there’s just so many kids stuffed in such a small space! Can you imagine how hard it is to focus on school when sitting in this scorching heat? 

We designed and built a playground, with space for outdoor teaching, shaded by a roof shaped as a cloud. It doesn’t have walls, to maximize cross ventilation, but also to create an open space that welcomes everyone. A place where they can eat, study and have lectures, but also do creative things like performances, public speaking, play and just be with each other. This has been an amazing experience! We learned about the importance of connecting with locals and being close to the problem while building in a context where there is no electricity or freshwater. 

We wanted to give the children in this area an open creative space with thermal comfort, daylight and flexibility – A cloud for creativity! 

Hopefully this small change will plant a seed that inspires and develops the area in the future, that is what these amazing kids deserve!


Obunga, Kisumu, Kenya




Strengthen children in the informal settlement by creating a space where they are prioritized.


Education and play

Technology & Materials

Concrete blocks, recycled materials, steel.


Beata Karlsson

Elsa Dorrian

Sophie Pedersen


ASF Sweden

Zingira Community Crafts


ASF Sweden 

Wester+Elsner architects

Private donations