India collaboration
- In situ-upgrading in Nayapalli

Nayapalli is a small and centrally located slum in Bhubaneswar where UDRC, working together with the community over the course of several years, has been engaged with in-situ upgrading. ASF Sweden has worked together with UDRC and the community in Nayapalli on proposals for housing, a community centre and an infrastructure layout. Standard drawings for houses were provided by the municipality but it was discovered that almost all of them needed to be customized according to plot conditions and family priorities. ASF assisted with new drawings for the houses in close dialogue with the inhabitants.

After the initial phase with housing the work continued with an infrastructure plan for sewage, water, roads and drainage. A sustainability strategy was part of this work and included various examples of small-scale solutions for water, sewage, solid waste, electricity, energy, urban agriculture, roads, drainage and garbage disposal. In addition, design workshops together with the residents were conducted to develop sketches for the improvement of the existing community centre in the area. One of the important factors was to create secure spaces for women and children.



Bhubaneswar, India


2010, 2012, 2014


Urban planning and housing



UDRC/Mahila Milan/NSDF


ASF Sweden

Wernstedtska resestipendiet

Chalmers University of technology

FFNS Foundation