Korogocho Streetscapes

Korogocho streetscapes is an urban laboratory that suggests an inclusive way of working with urban development. Instead of built structures this project focuses on streetscape activities that can transform Korogocho in Nairobi. It aims at creating a safer, more vibrant, democratic street life in Korogocho by the acknowledgement of the power of art and culture as a generator of public space. Korogocho streetscapes is working with the streets as a common performance ground to integrate sports, art and play in strengthening the Korogocho identity. This is done by collaborations and activities performed in the streetscape.

The initiative is action-based, to create visible changes and trust in the community. By nurturing the rise of optional and spontaneous activities to take place in the streetscape, the streets can be transformed to places of self-expression, influence and power. So far several activities have been taking place such as roller skating events, open street festivals, the talking walls project, a football tournament and consultative forums. 

The project activities are implemented, initiated and formed by Hope Raisers Initiative where Architects Without Borders role is to act as technical advisers and bring aspects of urban planning to the project. They are also responsible for external networks to place the project in a bigger perspective and transform the results into useful tools that can be used by urban planners.


Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya


2014 – 2018


Using arts and sports to change the identity of the streetscape


Participatory urban planning

Technology & Materials

Temporary art and sport activities


Pia Jonsson


Hope Raisers Initiative


Creative Force – Swedish Institute