India collaboration
- In-situ studio in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

The course Challenging Practice has been developed by ASF International and aims to increase knowledge about urban development and democratic change in the global south. Challenging Practice is structured into 3 stages: A) Learning in Action, B) Reflecting in Action and C) Reflecting on Action. The In Situ Studio is a workshop developed by ASF Sweden for the second stage.

In 2017 the In Situ Studio was held in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in collaboration with SPARC, UDRC and Mahila Milan. During the workshop ASF, SPARC and UDRC shared experiences, gained through extensive collaboration, of bottom up approaches to planning. Together with local communities, stakeholders and professionals the In Situ Studio workshop explored participatory tools and approaches for design and participation in the process of planning along with alternative models for affordable spatial and physical solutions. Methodologies were developed and the outcome of the work fed into ongoing in-situ upgrading programmes run by the local partners.

The publication resulting from the In Situ Studio Bhubaneswar Cuttack workshop can be found here:


Odisha India




Urban planning and housing



SPARC/UDRC/Mahila Milan



ASF Sweden