Katosi Women Center for Development

Katosi Women Center for Development is a project initiated by the Ugandan NGO Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT) to be developed on a 3.5-acre plot in the rural municipality of Katosi, Mukono district in Uganda.

KWDT’s main objective is to empower women to effectively shape their social, economic, and political development. The core aim of the project is to realize a facility that can become a focal point for the rural and fisher communities around Lake Victoria from the Districts of Mukono, Buikwe, Kalangala, and Buvuma Island to converge and undertake capacity building and vocational training skills in art and craft, tailoring, carpentry, and basic computer skills.

All building materials are to be procured within the region including the burnt clay bricks and sand. The manpower for construction is to be mobilized through the community to provide employment opportunities to the skilled and unskilled labor from the area.

Upon completion, the training facility will be run by KWDT and all existing and new women groups will have a home for all knowledge and skills development programs. Women from 15 years old within the region can enroll in all vocational training skills that will be offered including basic literacy courses, arts and crafts, tailoring, carpentry, and computer literacy.

This facility will greatly extend KWDT’s efforts geographically and their ability to impact the livelihoods of women of all tribes, sexuality, religious affiliations, political affiliations, tribe, and age. And this in the long run serves to achieve UN SDG goal number 5 of achieving gender equality and empowering all girls and women.


Katosi, Mukono district, Uganda




Training facilities to educate and empower women from 15 up, and support the local communities


Education and women empowerment

Technology & Materials

Local materials


Annika Moscati (annika.moscati@ju.se)

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