St Catherine’s Centre

The centre aims to provide Muhanga with a natural meeting place for the local community by providing access to books, newspapers, workshops, and computers. The plans also include new classrooms for the school currently located at the site. 

The project group has worked together with local professionals in Uganda to plan and design the project. The aim is to create local engagement by involving the community in all stages of the project to secure that it meets their needs and becomes functional in the local context.

We are running the project according to the principle of “help to self-help,” engaging locals in the design process to increase their understanding of building design. When construction starts we will use the building process as an educational platform and vocational training opportunity helping students to become construction workers, carpenters, and to learn other building trades.

The buildings have been designed as rammed earth buildings using local materials. The design also includes passive cooling and special consideration for natural lighting. The project is currently looking for a new project manager for the implementation stage.


Muhanga, Uganda


2013 – Ongoing


Community centre and Education


Building construction


Technology & Materials

Rammed earth building techniques


Robert Ågren


St Catherine Development Project