India collaboration
- Redevelopment projects in Puri

Gokha Sahi and Mangala Sahi are two former fishing villages on the outskirts of Puri. As the city grows, these areas are gradually being integrated in the city structure. The Indian Alliance, together with the residents, has for several years been managing an in-situ upgrading of the areas.

ASF Sweden has assisted in the survey of the area together with the Alliance. The ASF team carried out analysis and made a first sketch of the area layout and proposed house types. The proposed layout plan of the area tried to include existing qualities such as small shops, squares, semi-private areas, verandas and greeneries. It also facilitated a future densification by proposing how to connect internal roads. 

In addition to the sketches, a document with design guidelines focusing on four aspects: indoor spaces, outdoor spaces, ventilation and identity, was put together to highlight some of the main findings.


Odisha, India


2010, 2012


Urban planning and housing



SPARC/UDRC/Mahila Milan


ASF Sweden

Wernstedtska resestipendiet

Chalmers University of technology