The Humane School

The Humane School provides children from a rural community with not only the National curriculum but also instruction in arts, farming and other useful daily skills. The inclusion of these complements to the National curriculum address some of the causes of frequent school dropouts. The school located in precarious, small, rented mud huts needs a safer environment that enhances the learning process and is adapted to the local social, ecological, economic and cultural context as well as the school’s anthroposophical pedagogy.

After buying land, successive phases plan for the participatory design and construction of eight classrooms, a kitchen / dining room, an administrative building, toilets, as well as facilities for animal husbandry and organic farming. The new buildings will be autonomous and built by a local workforce with local techniques and materials. An incremental building process will favour community engagement and a sense of community ownership.

ASF Sweden is contributing to the project through architecture and landscape expertise, guidance in project management, the facilitation of participatory workshops, the development of professional drawings for building permits and help with communication and fundraising.


Maili Saba Sirende, Kitale, Kenya


2018 – Ongoing


New school premises for an existing local school


Education and child care

Technology & Materials

Adobe bricks, burnt brick or compressed earth blocks, concrete foundations, wood roof construction, corrugated metal sheets, and local weaving.


Sabine Lepere


The Humane School Board of Education

Föreningen Sofia


ASF Sweden

Föreningen Sofia

 Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner



Private donations