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Av mariahook 30 januari, 2016

We are happy to announce that the weekend seminar Challenging Practice – Essentials for the social production of habitat stage 2 will be arranged in Stockholm 27-28 Feb 2016!

The course aims to broaden the knowledge of built environment professionals interested in informal settlements and development. Participants should have completed Challenging Practice stage 1 before the course (i.e. have read all module summaries and at least 50% of the core readings). The stage 1 course can be downloaded for free at:, where you also find more information about the course and how it is structured.

Stage 2 is a precondition for Challenging Practice stage 3, a workshop which ASF Sweden is planning to arrange in India next year! You can also do your stage 3 as an internship with an international organisation or through attending another international ASF stage 3 workshop.

In stage 2 you will practice and discuss the methods, tools and concepts introduced in stage 1 through role plays, real-life scenarios and experiences of the other participants. The course will this time be based on case studies from Kenya and Georgia and take place at the New Architecture School at KTH in Stockholm Saturday 27 Feb – Sunday 28 Feb from 10 am to 4 pm. The seminar will be run by Emílio Brandão, Anna Erlandsson and Teres Selberg. Participants with or without project experience in developing countries are warmly welcome!

The fee of the Challenging Practice stage 2 course is 400 SEK (200 SEK if you are a student or unemployed), including lunch and ”fika” both days.

Register no later than Sunday 14 Feb by sending an e-mail with name, telephone number, and if applicable any dietary requirements, to: Write ”Challenging Practice stage 2″ as the subject line. Please note that the course will only take place if at least 10 participants have register by 14 Feb, so tell your friends! More information and confirmation will be sent no later than 17 Feb to those who have registered.

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Hope to see you there!

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