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Av annaolsson 2 mars, 2013

David Morton – Decolonizing squatter settlements
Tisdagen 12 mars kl:18-20 på FFAR Ringvägen

Slum housing in colonial Maputo, Mozambique

As a rule, African cities and their slums exploded exponentially in size begin- ning in the 1960s. But in Lourenço Marques, as the capital of Mozambique was once called, this growth happened a little differently than in most pla- ces: it took place for nearly a generation while still under colonial rule.

David Morton, who is researching the history of housing in Lourenço Marques/Maputo, will discuss how the nature of Portuguese rule gave a peculiar character to the city’s shantytowns, and how that history impacted housing improvement schemes following Mozambique’s independence in 1975.

David Morton is a PhD candidate in African history at the University of Minnesota. As a journalist he wrote frequently about architecture and urbanism, including at Architectural Record, where he began his career.

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